Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hernia Why Does Testicle Hurt Does A Hernia Make Your Testicles Hurt Is It Possible Or Is That A Definent Sign Of Something More Serious ?

Does a hernia make your testicles hurt is it possible or is that a definent sign of something more serious ? - hernia why does testicle hurt

If so, how? Should I worry because I was so worried that I can not even express how much I am in words


Thinker said...

If you have a hernia, then yes, the pain may come from there. This could be a torsion (twisting inj) or inflammation - or so it seems worthwhile to be improved easily.

GMC Sierra Denali said...

Yes, you can if u Let It Go long term. You can also use 1 testicle explode twice as large as other

hotvw191... said...

A prostate infection igurnal pulled a muscle show the same symptoms. I am not a doctor, but there were two.
See your doctor for a diagnosis

chris m said...

Yes hernias can cause testicular pain (unless) lol your a girl.
Go to the doc and make it look like it will only worsen

aidinsle... said...

Overall, you can go around his testicles, which are interconnected packed cores.

It is better, the vascular system there .. It will focus on analyzing the hernia and the vascular system.

My BF had a huge amount of nested veins and with great pain that he thought was a hernia treated (the one in front of his youth in the abdomen had), but there were too many wires wrapped around a testicle (May touch). This is not a medical term escapes me at this time.

Hope this helps.

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